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Database March 23, 2011 from admin

Welcome to Metal Trans Ltd.

Company "Metal Trans" Ltd was registered on 26.01.1999g. a decision of the Vidin district court and entered in the register of companies. The company is 100% private property and behold upravlyava from Stanislav Stanchev Tasco. The owner of a company involved in the management of "SP Trans" Ltd. g. Vidin, whose principal activity is the implementation of international transport.
To provide facilities for organizing supplies, storage and sale of their goods, "Metal Trans" Ltd. has developed construction base located in western storage area in the Master Plan of g. Found on the surface of 8 665 m. with massive buildings and warehouses. At the base are located and their own tangible fixed assets, and other activity-specific equipment and tools.

Base "Metal Trans" has :
1. Stores
2. The composition for metals
3. Stroitelni materials warehouse
4. Armaturen yard
5. Workshop for machining materials
6. Auto Service
7. TIR-parking


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